Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Immigration and work in Canada ‎2021

 Immigration and work in Canada 2021

 Will you return to Canada with a five-year guarantee? A five-year warranty (called G5) is an agreement between five or more Canadian citizens or more permanent residents of Canada.

 The agreement provides for sponsorship and sponsorship for refugees living outside of Canada.

 1- How to configure the G5 Maintenance Kit?

 Arab citizens who live outside their country can seek assistance from at least five people living in Canada so that they can live in their own care.

 * When creating a sponsorship group, the following prerequisites must be met:

 Class members are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

 * Group members must be at least 18 years old.

 * Each team member must complete a financial document form.

 * The team must submit a billing plan and financial assessment to the team.

 * Of course, the group should not be less than 5 people, and it can be more than that.

 2- What kind of maintenance does the five-year warranty provide?

 Members of the sponsoring group must agree to grant refugees the following 12-month period:

 Providing care and housing for refugees;

 Support throughout the breastfeeding period

 Providing daily food and nutrition;

 Assistance with medical treatment and access to health care

 Integration assistance

 Job search assistance;

 Choose your family doctor and dentist.

 Enroll refugee children in school;

 Banking and Shipping Tips ...

 Assistance in purchasing translation.

 The team is also committed to providing refugees with assistance for 12 months so that they can bring refugees to Canada.

 Who can claim asylum in Canada during the five-year sponsorship period?

 A person cannot be granted asylum for a period of five years.  However, certain conditions must be met before a person can apply for asylum.

 1. A person must be in danger in his country:

 For anyone in the world to apply for asylum in any country in the world, they must prove that they are being persecuted in their country.  One of the reasons is:

 because of war

 Due to uncertainty

 Because of stress

 Because of religion.

 Because of nationalism.

 Because of political thought.

 Because religious belief is not compatible with the country's official religion;

 Because of the gender

 Because of sexual orientation

 2_ Is this enough?

 If you are in your home country or have suffered death or persecution for any of the reasons mentioned above, you can apply for asylum through the G5.

 However, to obtain this asylum, you must:

 Outside your country of origin or residence.

 He remains stateless.

 The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will recognize you as a refugee.

 You cannot return to your country of origin.

 You have not been granted asylum in any other country.

 It appears that the countries that have left your country will not show any signs of reform.