Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Immigration to Canada to work in farms and fields 2021

Immigration to Canada to work in Canadian farms and fields 2021

 For work and stability reasons, immigration to Canada can take place through Express Entry, Regional Nomination, or through well-known immigration programs such as Arima.  However, there is another way to obtain official work contracts that correspond to the Imia formula, which allows you to obtain a work permit for a year or more, and the contract is renewable.  There have been many stories about agricultural work contracts in Canada recently.  Let's deal with this issue in detail so that things are clear and you do not become a victim of fraud and fraud.

 What are Canada farm employment agreements?

 These are seasonal agricultural work contracts that allow the recipient of those contracts to travel to Canada and work legally and legally if your application is approved by the SAWP.  However, what are the conditions for applying for a formal employment contract?


 You must be from one of the following countries:

 Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados


 Since the employment contract must contact you, it must be negotiated in consultation with your government.  You must be accepted into the SAWP.  These are my Arab brothers.  No Arab country has reached an agreement with the Canadian government to employ Arab workers for seasonal work in the agricultural sector, and this is a fact that must be known.  Other areas are still open.  LMIA employment contracts should only be searched on official websites.  All information is available on their website: