Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Marriage with a British girl to travel to Britain and obtain residency

Marriage with a British girl to travel to Britain and obtain residency
Many young people want to marry a British girl, whether because of their admiration for the culture from which the British girl hails or for other reasons such as obtaining British residency and citizenship through marriage.

Marriage procedures in Britain:
Submit the passport, birth certificate, and other necessary documents
- If you were previously married, you must present a divorce certificate or death certificate in case your ex-wife is deceased
Pay the fees for submitting a residence permit application
- British law does not recognize religious marriage because marriage in it is civil, so marriage must be documented to preserve the legal rights of both parties
- More information may be requested from you, so if you change your address you must inform the British Home Office

Obtaining residence by marriage to a British girl:
When legally marrying a British woman, the person gets a two-year residency, after which this temporary residency turns into a permanent residency upon compliance with all procedures and conditions
Obtaining permanent residency in Britain requires you to stay in Britain in a demonstration of the desire to remain in Britain

Obtaining citizenship by marrying a British girl:

An application for obtaining British citizenship is submitted after obtaining permanent residency with proof of actual continuity with the British partner and wife within 3 years

Marriage customs and traditions in Britain:
One of the hidden habits in the British wedding is throwing rice on the bride before going to the marital nest and giving a wooden spoon to the bride symbolizing her help in cooking well for her husband and the presence of a spider on the wedding dress in the belief that this brings good luck
Breakfast is one of the most important customs in Britain and the British people still adhere to it yet. A table full of different types of food and drink is prepared and served to guests before the wedding ceremony begins. This table was called breakfast because the newlyweds have to fast before the wedding. But now the habit is only to feed guests without fasting the newlyweds

Hats are one of the most popular wedding customs in Britain. You cannot attend the party without wearing a hat
The cake is a dessert served in weddings in all countries of the world, but in Britain it is different, they do not prefer eating cake with wedding parties, but are replaced by the cake of the bride, which is presented to the newlyweds
Wearing long dresses in British weddings is one of their most important customs, and invitations should avoid wearing white dresses, and black dresses are also unloved because they are associated with sad occasions.

Grandmother and mother are keen to give the bride a piece of lace or a piece of gold as an expression of their love for her and her promising a happy married life
Some flowers must be placed in the bride's dress
The bride must enter the blue color in her clothes so that it was just a shoe bar because this color symbolizes good luck and happiness

The father of the bride expresses his love for his daughter and his grief over her parting by placing a piece of cash in her shoes, but this habit became few at this time
The bride in Britain used to borrow a piece of clothing from a married woman, but she must be happy and her life is stable, as a kind of optimism about her and brought good luck.