Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Immigration to Canada to work on Canadian farms and fields

Immigration to Canada to work on Canadian farms and fields

If you want to immigrate to Canada by working in Canadian fields and parks in the province of Quebec, this is your chance to do so because the Canadian state is now in urgent need of those working in this field.

Employment opportunities in Canada can be used in many things, whether on the level of seasonal work or immigration, such as immigration to Canada through seasonal work programs PTAS, which is one of the ways that many citizens of Arab countries take advantage of to reach Canada and find a way for stability there.

Working in agriculture in Canadian homes is one of the easy ways to obtain employment opportunities in Canada for Arab citizens or other other nationalities.

It is possible to work in Canada in the field of agriculture by joining the seasonal work program in Canada called PTAS, and the program has conditions that must be met in order for any business owner in Canada to recruit a seasonal worker.

The conditions imposed on every Canadian business owner are as follows:
1 - That there is no worker in Canada who can work in this position.
2 - After completing the procedures for the seasonal work contract, the worker must be ready to come to Canada directly.
3 - That the worker be exempt from the conditions of acceptance to obtain a temporary work residence in the province in which the person intends to work.

Mostly, people who are exempt from the conditions of temporary residence during the seasonal work in Canada are workers whose residence period in Canada does not exceed 30 days.

- In all cases, whether the worker is exempt or not exempt from the conditions of residency, the Canadian business owner must review the competent authorities in this regard.

Conditions and documents required by the worker:
From the Canadian Quebec Immigration page, you can know the conditions and also the documents required of everyone who wants to work on Canadian farms.

Reasons for Canada to attract foreign workers:
Temporary foreign labor remains less expensive than Canadian labor, so Canadians often do not work in agricultural businesses due to the high salaries they require.

Also, Canada is now seeking to become one of the countries that attract the most foreign workforce, especially the Arabs, because many of them have been employed and tested recently by owners of Canadian fields and farms and considered them more active and productive than others.
This Canadian system came after the success of the experiences of Spain, France and Italy in attracting foreign agricultural workers, especially Arabs, to work seasonally in fields and farms.

Submit application to work on Canadian farms:
From you can submit the application directly or you can contact the Canadian Ministry of Immigration to send the application.